Conceptual Studies

Petrochem Engineering Services executes Conceptual studies to evaluate Technical Feasibility, Economical Viability and Operability of various options of the process. The most optimized process scheme is selected from the above studies and is further developed along with the Process Flow Diagram and the Heat and Material Balance for the facility.

For Existing systems we undertake the following studies:

  • Enhancements to increase the Process throughput
  • Ways to achieve Product Purity Enrichment
  • Effects of Change in Feed Composition and Conditions
  • Effects on Modifications in various operating modes
  • Various other plant studies

We identify various available technologies in the market, perform Techno-Commercial analysis, perform viability study, perform sensitive analysis and facilitate our clients to select the best technology suiting their requirement. Hence we shall assist and conduct studies for our clients to select the most commercially accessible technology.