Corporate Statement

PETROCHEM maintains a business philosophy based on values that have been followed from the company’s inception.

•To Exceed every client’s Expectations, adhering to our Integrity policies and ensuring top-notch quality being maintained.

•To adapt Environment-Friendly Technologies & Practices in Engineering with emphasis on project objective and HSE requirements.

•To maximize benefits by increasing productivity and efficiency.

•Constant Investment in Human Resources & concurrently improving the well-being of the local community

Management of PETROCHEM is committed to guarantee satisfaction of customers in all areas of activities and to endeavor for continually improving the management system and practices by

•Providing high-quality engineering services

•Improving the organizational efficiency by adopting appropriate management tools

•Adapting environment-friendly technology in engineering with emphasis on Project and HSE requirements.

•Ensure safe, occupational hazard free and healthy work environment

•To adhere to the commitments to reduce the impact on the environment, legal compliance & continual improvement

The strategy we apply

•Make commitments, comprehending and trusting our capability, to adhere to the same

•Analyzing lessons gained from past performance and implement preventive measures for successive Job planning & Execution.

•Establishing metrics examine and evaluate results on a constant basis to validate our internal procedures and performance, and implement improvements as required.

•Setting objectives for constant improvement based on monitored results and customer inputs